About Capital Books

Welcome to Capital Books

Capital Books was established in 1989. It was felt that the selling of imported higher academic books needed more professionalism in order to make quality material, so important for the development of academic excellence and high level research, available to the end user more easily accessible. With this in mind it was decided to appoint sales personnel and develop a strong in-house infrastructure to provide detailed information to the academics and researchers about new products being published by respected European and US based publishers.

Today Capital Books Pvt Ltd coordinates its business through a number of specialized booksellers spread across the sub continent. A team of sales professionals make regular campus calls, organize book displays and provide local higher academic booksellers with relevant details of new reference material in specialized topics published by highly respected and creditable international publishers.

Our Vision

To ensure that quality books, both text and reference material are available to libraries in this region. We remain committed to this process of acquiring academic and research material which form the most economical mode of Technology Transfer from highly sophisticated institutions in the world.

Our Mission

To continue the process of supplying libraries with quality books particularly of overseas publishers so that readers have access to high class scientific and technical material to pursue useful and quality education and research.